Full Mouth Reconstruction in Dover, NH

Do you have significant dental issues that require more than a single visit to the dentist? If so, you’re likely to be a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction in Dover, NH. Full mouth reconstruction combines several general and cosmetic dentistry procedures to restore a smile’s function and aesthetics.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a detailed process that requires several treatment sessions. You may need reconstruction if you have extensive cavities, missing teeth, gum disease, discolored teeth, bite problems, or a combination of other dental problems.

Belknap Dental Associates offers full mouth reconstruction near you. If you recently have lost the use of your teeth, now is the time to schedule a consultation with our dentists in Dover, NH.

Who Needs Full Mouth Reconstruction?

You may require full mouth reconstruction if you’re experiencing multiple health problems. In this case, our dentists near you may recommend that you undergo various treatment procedures in a relatively short period.

A full mouth reconstruction is more than a smile makeover. While smile makeovers focus on a smile’s aesthetics, full mouth reconstruction targets the teeth’s function as a treatment priority. Our full mouth reconstruction goals are to make sure that you’re able to chew with ease and smile with confidence as well.

Full mouth rehabilitation is typically recommended for patients with extensive tooth decay or gum disease resulting in tooth loss and individuals who have suffered traumatic injuries that have cost them their teeth. You may also benefit from full mouth rehabilitation if you have congenital dental problems such as significant bite and jaw misalignment.

The Treatment Process of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Because of the complexity of the process, full mouth reconstruction must be preceded by thorough and comprehensive planning. Our dentists start by evaluating your dental health needs to map out a treatment plan. We rely on low-radiation dental x-rays to gather insights that may be hidden to the naked eye. We may also use dental impressions to inform the creation of custom restorations such as crowns, bridges, and veneers.

Full mouth reconstruction may last anywhere from a couple of months to a year, depending on your needs. Belknap Dental Associates remains committed to providing the professional and moral support you need to successfully complete your full mouth rehabilitation.

If you have multiple dental health issues, get in touch with our dentists near you to find out if full mouth reconstruction in Dover, NH is right for you.

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