Fluoride Treatment in Dover, NH

Fluoride is an essential, naturally-occurring mineral that makes tooth enamel more resistant to cavities. Fluoride works by reversing the effects of demineralization. Demineralization is when tooth enamel loses minerals through natural wear and tear and exposure to certain foods and beverages.

A fluoride treatment in Dover, NH, is a highly recommended preventive dental care procedure for adults and children. Our dentists near you advise getting fluoride treatment twice every year to keep cavities at bay.

Why Is Fluoride Important?

Fluoride occurs in various sources, including the foods and beverages we eat. When consumed in this way, fluoride works to protect the teeth against cavities but only to a limited extent. For best protection, it’s crucial to undergo regular fluoride treatments to ensure that you’re meeting your dental fluoride requirements.

Teeth that are treated with fluoride regularly are at a lower risk of developing tooth decay. This goes for both primary and permanent teeth.

Fluoride treatment near you is safe, painless, and usually over within a few minutes. However, it goes a long way in ensuring that you never have to deal with cavities or extensive restorative dental work.

What to Expect from the dentist in Dover for fluoride treatment

Fluoride treatments are usually offered together with dental exams and cleanings. Our dentists in Dover, NH, start by assessing your dental health to check for any active dental cavities. If these are present, our dentists address them first.

Next, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned to eliminate all traces of plaque and tartar. Fluoride treatment may be administered in the form of a highly concentrated rinse, varnish, gel, or foam. Our dentists use various tools to ensure optimal application and coverage, including brushes, swabs, and mouthguard-like trays. The dentist will instruct you to avoid eating and drinking for at least thirty minutes after application. This allows the fluoride sufficient time to absorb fully.

Remember, prioritizing preventive dentistry significantly lowers your risk of contracting dental problems such as cavities and gum disease. At Belknap Dental Associates, we encourage all patients to schedule regular preventive care appointments with our dentists in Dover, NH.

Keep cavities at bay by choosing fluoride treatments today. Contact Belknap Dental Associates to book your treatment session.

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