Can You Get a Dental Crown Without a Root Canal?

Can You Get a Dental Crown Without a Root Canal?

June 1, 2022

No matter how well you care for your teeth, they can still get damaged due to tooth decay, dental trauma, or old age. For instance, your teeth can chip, crack, break, or discolor. It can significantly affect your appearance and oral function. Fortunately, your dentist can help repair the damage and restore the health of your teeth.

Your dentist will likely recommend a dental crown. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped dental cap placed over the tooth to restore its size, shape, strength, and appearance. Contact our Dover, NH, dentist for dental crown treatment.

Dental Crown Procedure: What to Expect

Before placing a crown, your dentist will examine your teeth to determine whether you’re eligible for the treatment. Once you establish your candidacy, the dentist will take the necessary impressions and X-rays.

If the tooth’s pulp is infected, your dentist might recommend first performing a root canal procedure. The procedure involves drilling through the tooth and removing the infected or decayed tissues from the tooth’s pulp. You’ll be under anesthesia to keep you relaxed and pain-free during the procedure.

Once the dentist cleans the tooth, they seal the tooth with a rubber material to prevent re-infection. Signs you might need a root canal treatment before getting a crown to include:

  • Persistent tooth pain
  • Pain when chewing
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Teeth sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Swollen or sore gums
  • Teeth damage like cracks and chips
  • Loose teeth
  • Gum recession

After performing the root canal procedure, the dentist will place the dental crown. Based on your condition, the dentist may have to shave the tooth to allow the crown to fit perfectly. Alternatively, if the tooth’s structure is insufficient, the dentist may have to rebuild it to provide enough structure to hold the dental crown.

Your dentist will take impressions and records of your teeth and send them to a dental lab to create the permanent crown. If your dentist has the resources to make same-day crowns, you will skip the temporary crown. The crown is made right in the office and placed in the same appointment.

If they make your crown in a dental lab, you’ll be called in for placement once the crown is ready. The dentist will remove the temporary crown and cement the customized one with strong cement.

Dental crown procedures that don’t require root canal

Technically, you don’t always need a root canal treatment before getting a dental crown. Sometimes a dental crown improves the appearance of a stained or discolored tooth. While the dentist may stain the tooth’s enamel, the inside of the tooth isn’t compromised, and therefore a root canal isn’t necessary.

Similarly, if your tooth has minor chips and cracks that don’t extend to the tooth’s pulp, you might not need a root canal. Lastly, sometimes a dental crown is used to support a dental bridge or cover a dental implant. In such a case, root canal therapy isn’t necessary.

Will I need a root canal when getting a crown?

Both a root canal treatment and a dental crown are independent procedures. Getting a crown doesn’t always require a root canal and vice versa. However, in some instances, you might require both treatments.

If your tooth is beyond repair, your dentist might recommend extracting it. Later, you can use dental implants, bridges, or dentures to replace the lost teeth. To determine what treatment is right for you, visit our dental office in Dover, NH, for professional diagnosis and advice.

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