Lindsay Nadeau
Lindsay Nadeau Registered Dental Hygienist

Lindsay, a graduate of the University of New England, received her B.S. in Dental Hygiene following a rigorous course of study from August 2012 through graduation in May 2016. She continued her educational studies and received certification and licensure as a requisite to beginning chair-side responsibilities. Lindsay obtained CDCA Local Anesthesia Certification; CPR Certification; and HIPPA Certification. Providing excellent patient services, especially to younger patients, Lindsay’s notable rapport communicating relationships between good oral health and overall good patient health keeps her patients’ significantly healthier. Emphasizing the known correlations between good oral health and maintaining good systemic health is her daily standard of care. Lindsay’s outreach to establish good early habits includes her voluntary participation in many Oral Health Center Children’s Health Fair’s and other community based preventive service programs. Providing patient education to both children and adults about effective oral hygiene is most rewarding.In her limited spare time, Lindsay is an avid outdoors enthusiast, tackling water, snow and land challenges.

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