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Our Hygienists

Donna Hinch, R.D.H.

Donna joined Belknap Dental Associates in 1988 after graduating from the New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord, N.H. She was a principal contributor in creating our Personal Periodontal Program for our patients. Many patients visit our office thinking only of their teeth; our programs heighten patient's awareness of our role in managing their total oral health by providing information about each aspect of that health. Patients are analyzed for oral cancer and tooth risk as well as periodontal disease risk. The result of our analysis is presented to our patients in understandable patient reports. Donna is a member of the American Dental Hygiene Association, the New Hampshire Dental Hygiene Association, the NH Seacoast Dental Hygiene Association, American Red Cross and the Knights of Columbus Auxilliary. She is a former Trustee for the Seacoast Dental Hygiene Association and volunteers for the Special Smiles Program for Special Olympics in New Hampshire.

Stefanie  L. Wallingford, R.D.H.

Stefanie received her degree from Westbrook College in Portland, ME and is a member of the American Dental Hygiene Association. She joined the hygiene dental staff at Belknap Dental in 1996 after graduation. She is especially adept and dedicated to helping patients overcome their dental fears; building patient confidence; permitting her patients to obtain and maintain a healthy dentition. Stefanie has a wonderful "chair-side" manner, reinforcing patient understanding of the benefits of treatment recommendations; and instilling the importance of maintaining good periodontal health, for periodontal health is the key and foundation to all other aspects of dental services.

Jennifer Carberry, R.D.H.

Jennifer combines strong interpersonal skills and technical expertise to guide her patients through the complexities of case planning and effective treatment. Our understanding of disease processes and treatment techniques have improved significantly in recent years and many patient problems require a coordinated team approach. Jennifer's assistance in focusing on program management of periodontal needs help her patients achieve health improvements and more predictable results. Prior to completing her R.D.H. training at New Hampshire Technical Institute in 2004, Jennifer received degrees from both University of New Hampshire and Worcester State College. She is a member of the American Dental Hygienist Association and has certification for NH Board of Dental Examiners and the Northeast Regional Board.

Marcie Halbmaier, R.D.H.

Marcie received her Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene at the University of New England, Portland, Maine in May 2005.  While attending the university, Marcie was a Campus Admissions Ambassador and served as Vice President, Student Activities Council, assisting the University President in planning and leading campus activities. As a clinical hygienist, Marcie works on protocol development in periodontics. She completed an extensive post-graduate Mastery Course in Soft Tissue Management, focusing on the latest research on periodontal disease and its effect on entire patient health. Marcie's training included a stint working with pediatric and orthodontic patients. She works well with children, encouraging early health habit formation and fostering "partnerships" between the dentist, hygienist and young patients. Growing up in Maine, she is frequently hiking, biking and enjoying the beautiful forests of New England.

Kim Dumont, R.D.H.

Kim is a Honor graduate of the New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord, NH. She earned her degree, Associates in Science, and then obtained her NH Dental Hygiene License in 2007. She joined the hygiene team at Belknap Dental in 2009. She is a member of the American Dental Hygiene Association, and has received accreditation from the American Heart Association Basic Life Support. Prior to joining the hygiene staff Kim was Miss New Hampshire National Teen-Ager 1983, was awarded a Four-Year Tuition Scholarship, a Citizen Scholarship, and was recognized as Miss Congeniality. These admirable personal attributes have endeared Kim to her patients and enable her to provide exceptional personal health services. She has strengths in both pediatric and general hygiene practice. Kim also possesses strong computer and technology skills. Early detection and early interventional treatment of dental disease processes is a focus of her commitment to improving patient health. Kim enjoys reading, hiking and canine agility classes.

Cindy Weeks, R.D.H

Cindy’s Associates of Science in Dental Hygiene degree earned at the University of New England, Portland Maine permitted her to begin her respected desire to enter the health field as a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. Cindy utilizes her strong interpersonal, clinical and preventive skills to educate and treat pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. Educating patients about proper hygiene and prevention of dental diseases is based on the American Dental Association’s evidence-based guidelines. Cindy delivers excellent chair-side understanding to patients regarding dental needs and is most gratified when patients develop consistency in their homecare to manage dental issues. Cindy’s expected clinical confirmation for patient compliance?  “A healthy smile”.

Lindsay Nadeau, R.D.H.

Lindsay, a graduate of the University of New England, received her B.S. in Dental Hygiene following a rigorous course of study from August 2012 through graduation in May 2016. She continued her educational studies and received certification and licensure as a requisite to beginning chair-side responsibilities. Lindsay obtained CDCA Local Anesthesia Certification; CPR Certification; and HIPPA Certification. Providing excellent patient services, especially to  younger patients, Lindsay’s notable rapport communicating relationships between good oral health and overall good patient health keeps her patients’  significantly  healthier. Emphasizing the known correlations between good oral health and maintaining good systemic health is her daily standard of care. Lindsay’s outreach to establish good early habits includes her voluntary participation in many Oral Health Center Children’s Health Fair’s and other community based preventive service programs. Providing patient education to both children and adults about effective oral hygiene is most rewarding.In her limited spare time, Lindsay is an avid outdoors enthusiast, tackling water, snow and land challenges.

Lauren Bishop, R.D.H.

Lauren, a gifted addition to our professional hygiene staff, makes the most of her unabashed pride in her role as a registered dental hygienist to truly connect with her patients. A 2014 graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Lauren received her Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology. In 2016, furthering her interests and desire to engage directly with individuals she enrolled in, completed her Associate in Science, Dental Hygiene at the New Hampshire Technical Institute at Concord’s Community College; becoming a licensed, Registered Dental Hygienist. Lauren additionally received advanced accreditation in Local Anesthesia, Nitrous Oxide Sedation, First Aid and CPR. Lauren's conviction to individualize dental health education for her patients creates pleasant, comfortable experiences for those under her care. Lauren is active outside the office, enjoying all that New Englanders have to come to love about living in the Seacoast Area, especially Figure Skating. She was a Team Member of the UNH Synchronized Figure Skating Team, 2010-2014. Currently she is a staff member of the City of Dover’s Recreational Department and a Figure Skating Coach at the Great Bay Figure Skating Club.

Nicole Corbeille, R.D.H.

Nicole attended the New Hampshire Technical Institute at Concord’s Community College and received her degree, Associate in Science, Dental Hygiene; fulfilling professional aspirations to engage herself in healthservices delivery. She augmented her credentials and received additional certifications in Administration of Local Anesthesia and AHA Health Care. Nicole has a deep involvement in delivering comprehensive oral health education and home care instructions to all her patients; young children, adolescents, adult, geriatric as well as special need patients. Her impressive communication skills are especially important when connecting specific patient needs to treatment demands.When spare time is available, Nicole’s preference is to spend quality time cultivating and enlightening interests in young minds; and having extensive experience as a professional nanny Nicole’s services are always in demand.

Lab Technician

Christina Varras, C.D.T.

Christina’s experience in the dental laboratory industry began as a youth working in her family’s full service dental laboratory. A robust and intensive early apprenticeship served Christina well gaining experience in all phases of dental laboratory construction techniques.  She obtained her official certifications and credentials earning an Associates Degree in Science at Middlesex Community College in Lowell, Massachusetts while becoming a Certified Dental Technician in 1990. Christina gained further clinical and managerial experience while engaged as an official Certified Laboratory Trainer for a major national dental company. Certified Lab Trainers bridge the gap for technicians and dentists to integrate patient needs more intimately for significantly better patient outcomes.

Advanced technologies in the construction of implant supported dentures, as well as designing extremely personalized fixed and removable dental protheses, is unparalleled when the technician is available to work directly with the doctor and patient at chairside. In-house dental laboratory facilities are matchless in their ability to create quality custom restorations and provide patients with immediate personal attention to detail. 

Christina, while raising her family devotes precious free time enjoying the nearby lakes kayaking and hiking.

Our Chairside Dental Assistants

Cindy Chaikin, D.A.

Cindy has built a network of trust and confidence with patients during her 25 plus year tenure as a trained chairside dental assistant at Belknap Dental. Her extensive dental knowledge and communication skills assist patients in achieving successful treatment outcomes. She is a compassionate and caring "partner" encouraging and educating her patients to appreciate the benefits of recommended treatments. Cindy is most helpful in assisting her patients through their various treatment phases. She is an avid runner, reader, and hiker.

Susan Sirviris, D.A.

Patients value Susan's 20 plus years of experience in chairside dental assisting at Belknap Dental Associates. Her patients value her expertise when they are evaluating appropriate treatment recommendations. Susan will patiently help educate  her patients to assist them to understand and appreciate individual risk indicators which in turn influence dental disease processes. Her explanations along with her comforting chairside manner are a wonderful source of comfort to her patients. Susan loves the outdoors and competitively challenges her fellow staff members to remain active, eat healthy and "stay in great shape."


Brittani Woodman, D.A.

Brittani transferred to Dental Assisting in 2007 after apprenticing at Belknap Dental Associates working with our clerical staff. She trained and received her credentials from the Dental Assisting National Board in Radiation and Safety. She is a Farmington High School graduate with a passion for helping patients achieve sustainable goals aimed towards improving their dental health status. Since entering the dental field, Brittani has continually fine-tuned her chairside assisting skills and continues to acquire academic credentials for her Certified Dental Assistant certification. A recent Mom, Brittani is "busy" all the time, but never neglects to spend the extra chairside time with her patients to provide them with a bit of "mothering" too! Her constant upbeat attitude is contagious and well received by all her patients.

Nicole Doherty, D.A.

Nicole joined the orthodontic chairside dental assisting staff after receiving her certification in 2009  in Dental Assisting at the Dental Careers Institute in Portland, Maine. Training with our certified orthodontists, she has quickly attained a high skill set to assist her patients through the various phases of orthodontics - adapting to the bands, wires, elastics and other gear that patients experience during the several months most patients remain in active treatment. She is an active advocate of educating her patients, especially the youngsters, to appreciate and understand the value of continual and thorough home care during the time they are in braces. "Smile....follow my lead", says Nicole, and her patients agree it works!

Erika Stanley, D.A.

Erika is one of our most proficient and skilled Registered Dental Assistants’ with extensive knowledge in the orthodontic clinical setting. She received her formal education and training at The Galen College of Medical and Dental Assisting  in California. Receiving her Certification in 1999 and later her Certificate Registered Dental Assistant in 2001, as well as her CPR certification, Erika and her family relocated to New Hampshire and she joined the Belknap Orthodontic Department. Erika’s specialized training in orthodontic assisting involves infection control techniques, placing and removing orthodontic appliances, placing wires and brackets, taking impressions and fabricating study models, and always educating patients to observe the best oral hygiene practices. Leisure time is shared with family,

Amanda Charbonneau, D.A

Amanda, an energetic, gregarious individual has always enjoyed direct chairside activities in the dental field. Her initial clinical experience to dentistry involved fast paced focus on emergency care dealing with patient immediate needs care. Working now more extensively with general dental patient needs, Amanda has developed proficiencies in chairside assisting services including oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, restorative, and children’s dentistry. Following graduation from Dover High School and studies in Elementary Education at the University of Maine, Amanda, having found considerable attraction to the field of dentistry began her dental career and has constantly increased her clinical proficiencies. She is CPR certified, as well as certified and trained to operate NOMAD hand-held x-ray device; TRIOS 3s shape 3D impression scanning apparatuses and CBCT 3rd scan devices. Amanda, a true New England native enjoys forest hikes, skiing and water sports.

Ashley Privett, D.A

Ashley is a Registered Dental Assistant experienced in direct patient care, routine laboratory tasks, creating and updating patient records and general office management. She received her technical training at The New Hampshire Technical College, Concord New Hampshire. She also attended The Center for Technology, Essex Junction Vermont and received certification in Dental Radiology. Ashley’s additional education was completed at the University of New Hampshire, where she studied Nutritional Science and Dietetics. Ashley’s extensive education and training in nutrition has brought to Belknap Dental a respectful and comprehensive teaching tool to add value to improving patient outcomes through better nutrition.

Christopher Seavey, D.A

Christopher brings strong experiential skills to chairside assisting having extensive prior experience in the service industry. His desire to enter the health service profession is a perfect fit to his excellent communication skills. He has received his certification in Dental Radiology, in addition to advanced certifications in CPR and First Aid. Working chairside to assist both Doctors and Registered Dental Hygienists he wears many hats at Belknap Dental. Additional responsibilities in implementing infection control policies and protocols provide up to date compliance in our busy office. Leisure time may find Christopher revisiting prior interests as a skilled Mixologist!


Our Patient Management Team

Our Patient Management Team has over 100 years of accumulated dental experience working with patients to assure good outcomes and pleasant, helpful office experiences. These skilled professionals assist with every patient need; from arranging your first visit / guiding you through the intricacies of insurance paperwork  /  scheduling convenient appointment times / assisting you with finances / accommodating emergency needs : we pledge to patiently and courteously assist you to become familiar with all of our office and treatment policies  - so that your total experience at our office is favorable - and our hope is that you will likely refer your family and friends to our office. Thank you in advance for your confidence.

  • Kelly Levy, Operations Manager
  • Brenda Crouse, Assistant Operations Manager
  • Elaine Joy, Insurance Coordinator    
  • Diana Couture, Treatment Coordinator
  • Judi Wolf, Appointment Coordinator
  • Christina Breitmaier, Receptionist    
  • Nancy Watkins, Appointment Coordinator
  • Judith Cummings, C.D.A





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